A balanced diet makes your body healthy


‘You are what you eat’… At the Wellness Cafe, we encourage our clients to see and feel food in its natural state, remaking the connection of what food looks like in its original form. Sporting Recovery lifestyle programme involves good food choices, ensuring you have enough energy to participate, which helps training and aids recovery. When making healthy lunches like vegetable soup, users can see how food is transformed into enjoyable food. Eating food is a pleasurable experience that is also vital in refuelling our bodies.

Rest & Relax

An integral part of the programme is the social interaction, and what better environment to enjoy this than a place where you can relax and enjoy healthy refreshments. In between participating in the activities on offer, we encourage clients to relax, take some refreshments, and chat with someone.

The Wellness Cafe is a great place to read, play a board game, or make conversation with someone new for those who would rather sit it out. Remember, it is good to talk or sit and enjoy the ambience!

Good nutrition is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, this is even more so when we engage in physical activity. 

Food & Drink

Adults with complex care needs are less likely to consume fruits or vegetables. Drinking a balanced smoothie is an effective way of obtaining their daily requirements of fruits and vegetables. 

As part of the programme, we introduce different fruits and vegetables, not forgetting oats, to the clients allowing them to select different combinations of smoothies to suit.

Clients are welcome to try the fruit. We never forget that eating the whole fruit engages all your senses, the best way to enjoy eating!

Empathy, Compassion, Mutual Respect