21st September 2017

Social prescribing

Sporting Recovery delivers a social prescribing pathway for clients who have complex care needs. Social Prescribing is about linking people up to activities in the community that they might benefit from. It’s about connecting people to non-medical sources of support.


All the sports courses are awarded by 1st4Sport Qualifications and developed in partnership with the different sporting organisation. These courses are the ‘first step’ along the coaching pathway and are nationally recognised qualifications providing an introduction to the organisation and delivery of safe and enjoyable coaching sessions.


Good nutrition is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. This is even more so when we engage in physical activity. Sporting Recovery lifestyle programme involves good food choices, ensuring you have enough energy to participate, which in turn helps training and aids recovery. Eat a varied and well-balanced diet that supplies the right amount of energy and essential nutrients

Mind and Body

Not everybody will be physically able to access the benefits of the high-energy team sports. However, this should not exclude them from participating in our exercise programmes. The secret is non-impact resistance, which eliminates stress on your joints, making Pilates safe, versatile, and effective for all ages and fitness levels


People with complex care needs benefit from individual sporting activities in a number of different ways. Teaching people to be responsible for their own action and decisions, they learn how to be comfortable in the spotlight when performing solo.

Individual sporting activities teach players how to motivate themselves. This kind of intrinsic motivation is often times much more powerful than external motivation. There isn’t as much pressure to “catch up” with the other players, more learning to be self-reliant.

Why Team Works

Those unconvinced by the social benefits of playing team sports might wonder what positive effects the sport is capable of. A bit of exercise, maybe; or, at a stretch, the opportunity for people to banter with one another.

Sporting Recovery have shown through the success of the pilot study that sport, team sports in particular, is more than capable of doing important work in the treatment and convalescence of people with complex care needs.