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What is our impact

Our Impact

Our innovative community-based exercise program is focused on people who are ‘marginal, high risk and hard to reach’ who often have concerning co-morbidity problems e.g. illicit drug and substance misuse, a diagnosis of mental health and/or offending behaviour. These adults have difficulties accessing, trusting and re-engaging with traditional services.

Listen to these personal stories and share in the positive difference Sporting Recovery makes to the unseen and unheard, and to the wider community.

By combining the insights from our client’s experiences with validated impact measurement and evaluation tools, we are now closer to evidencing the difference Sporting Recovery makes to the lives of vulnerable adult and their local community.

Billy's Story

Floyd's Story

Samson's Story

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Evaluation Tools

To ensure both clients and the project are achieving the desired outcomes, all participants will have  a Well-being profile taken at regular intervals. This will include our Soft Outcome Tool. Post user surveys will also be employed.

RED Indicates that the user turns up with prompting but may not necessarily join in the activities or socialises

YELLOW They attend the sessions without prompting but may not always participate in the activities or socialise with the group

GREEN Indicates that they attend the sessions regularly, socialise with other participants and are willing to become a volunteer in the programme

We use this data to help monitor our support to most at-risk people engaging in positive, healthy and activities.

What People Say?​

These weekly sessions were invaluable to the service users. It was always well attended and there were many regular clients who would attend every week, often arriving before staff.
Steve Bristow
Community Mental Health Nurse
I have no doubt that this has been the singular most effective mental health project I have seen in my 30 years as a social worker and hope very much it returns very soon.
Vishnu Singh
Southwark, Social Worker
the greatest success was the integration of a ‘revolving door’ service user who has been able to gain a qualification, reduce his medication and obtain full-time employment.
Dr Steve Church
NHS Consultant Psychiatrist (Adult MHS)

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