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Exercise with Music

Moving your body to music can have surprising effects on both the body and mind. Music has been fundamental to the human experience …

Wellbeing Toolkit

SR Well-Being Scale Toolkit We all expect to get a cold or sore throat from time to time but when it comes to the way we feel emotionally, it can be hard to recognise or admit that we’re not feeling 100%. This Well-Being toolkit is designed to recommend some excellent resources to help you better […]

7 Ways to Break the Cycle of Addiction Your addiction changed everything about you, and these changes likely weren’t for the better. It’s …

You are what you eat

Eat a balanced diet and make your body healthy You are what you eat. Having a good nutrition is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. This is even more so when we engage in physical activity. Sporting Recovery lifestyle programme involves good food choices, ensuring you have enough energy to participate, which in turn […]


“I love playing football and making friends in a good environment”

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