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We know from listening to the unseen and unheard, that Sporting Recovery’s Wellness programme can help vulnerable adults achieve outcomes that are meaningful to them and their local community.


£5 Gift 

Provide a one to one coaching session for a client


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Donation Total: £5.00

Your gift will provide a one to one coaching session for a vulnerable adult


£25 Gift 

Provides a healthy lunch at one of the sessions 


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Donation Total: £25.00

Provides a healthy lunch option for all our adults at one of the sessions

£50 Gift 

Provide a Tai Chi & Qi Gong Class


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Donation Total: £50.00

£?? Gift 

You can support Our Peckham Dragons Football team

Supporting the Unheard

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Donors - Individuals, Companies, Corporations, and Trusts.

It is donations to our programme for vulnerable people that enable us to help the unheard & unseen in our community. Whether you are an individual with a large donation, a corporate company wanting to give something back to the community, or a Trust or Foundation looking to achieve your aims and objectives, there are many ways for major gifts to support us.

As a partner you will receive Regular updates about the impact your donation has made to our work. You are welcomed to visit our Wellness centre to see our programmes in action.

We need your help!

If you are an individual donator, or are interested in finding out more about our Company partnerships, we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us on 0300 030 1233 or email Catherine on

We recognise the support from our generous donors – from acknowledgement in the annual review to profile on our website

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