Moving your body to music can have surprising effects on both the body and mind. Music has been fundamental to the human experience for thousands of years. No matter what your favourite tune is, music, along with physical movement, can have a huge effect on your well-being.

Dancing can improve your mental and physical health

Moving your body to music or dancing for short can improve physical and mental health. The benefits can be as follows:

Improve posture and flexibility

Lift your mood

Keep your mind sharp

Ease anxiety

Make new friends

Help your heart

Fun activity

Reduce pain and stiffness

There is no doubt that dance, in whatever form it may take, is a brilliant form of exercise. Moving your body in all directions for an extended period of time with all the enthusiasm we can muster is great for improving your physical health. 

Sporting Recovery Dance-A-Thon

Soca & Afrobeats Danceathon  community fundraiser event in the heart of Peckham

25th January 2020