A Punch Bag workout that's great for mental health

Not only is punching a bag a great way to relieve stress and improve your mental fitness. Why not get your sweat on and benefit from a tremendous full-body workout? Try the 10-minute punch bag workout from exercise.co.uk if you want a challenge.

Mental Health Benefit of Non-Contact Boxing

All you need are some boxing gloves and you can gain self-confidence, stress relief and so much more…

Stimulate your endorphin production
Switch off from the outside world
Teaches you about yourself
Manage your anger
Build physical and mental strength

Why not come to our programme and try non-contact boxing, you will like it!!

Our Wellness Clubs is on every Wednesday afternoon at the;

Damilola Taylor Centre, 1 East Surrey Grove in Peckham SE15 SE6.

Join one of our Wellness Clubs below and experience the benefits of exercise, increase your self-esteem and social inclusion.


Sporting Recovery is about giving people the ability to be independent. Our ethos is that people should have the support, encouragement and opportunities to manage their mental health.

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