Welcome Peckham Dragons FC

Peckham Dragons F.C was formed by the clients attending Sporting Recovery Soccer training. They currently play in the South London Grassroots Football League. Matches are played midweek in the afternoons.

If you would like to join, please Register below.

The benefits of a soccer team

The social aspect that comes with being part of a team is fantastic for your well-being. Even if you join a team not knowing a soul, sport has a funny way of fast-tracking friendships. Human connection is such an important factor in maintaining good mental health. Being part of a team adds a support network that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

The mental benefits of soccer

Not only does soccer offer greater physical benefits versus running. It also proves to be a much more effective mental release too. The dynamic nature of the game and the unique puzzles it presents us with, makes soccer a game that should require your concentration, making it as much a mental work-out as it is physical. In short, soccer requires us to engage and use our brain much more than just pounding the pavement with our feet, as we would do if we were just jogging

Men who played soccer

Men who played soccer report far less worries than those who went jogging.

Groups of men were asked to rate their level of worry on a 0-6 scale – runners came out at a reasonably worried 4.0, whilst the soccer players reported a more relaxed 2.8. Strangely, the same effect was not noted for women – they seemed to worry equally doing both.

From a book by Paul Martin: Making Happy People.


Why 5 a-side works

Playing any form of 5-a-side soccer is a great way to get fit. In fact, in comparison to jogging and even the full 11-a-side game, 5-a-side comes out above both of these in terms of the benefits it offers. Just look at the evidence – even if you think you’re an old pro at 5-a-side and Futsal, some of the results might just shock you!

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