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A place where all people can have the support, encouragement and opportunities to manage their mental health.
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What We Do

Integrate sports, nutritional advice and education into an accessible form for adults

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How To Join

At present entry is by referral only. Referrals can be made via any multi-disciplinary health teams.

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How to help

We welcome the opportunity to work with volunteers and other community groups.

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What We Do

Exercise for Mental Wellness
Providing Solutions

Sporting Recovery encourages people who have or are experiencing mental distress to adopt a healthier lifestyle, promoting structure and social interaction in their daily lives. Our programme integrates sports, nutritional advice and education into an accessible form. As a non-profit organisation, any profits are invested to create a positive impact within the community.

  • Our sports programme provides team and exercises activities that teach players how to motivate themselves

  • Our Wellness Cafeteria provides healthy snacks and nutritional information required to sustain a healthy lifestyle

  • Opportunities to develop coaching certificates in sporting and exercise disciplines alongside basic healthy cooking classes

Who We Are


Head Coach
An experienced physical and mental health professional with a proven expertise in the fields of substance misuse and mental health. Ron has worked at a number of professional football clubs and has coaching certificates in many sports.


Patrick has worked in the Youth and Community sector for over twenty years as a FA coach and multi skills sports coach in primary schools, including children with behavioural and learning issues.


Emily is passionate about fitness and dance and believes that dance is a great way to feel good about yourself. As a trained dance instructor, she recognises the importance music and exercise play in well-being.




Highly skilled and motivated Personal Trainer with expertise in Pre-exercise screening and assessment, He has worked as a Physiotherapist in Uganda. He worked with the Uganda National team at the Olympic and Commonwealth games.

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