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Sporting Recovery

Sporting Recovery community-based exercise programme is for adults who have or are experiencing challenges that impact their mental health.


How to Join

Joining the programme is by referral only. To refer someone, please click to submit a Referral Form

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Sporting Recovery has venues across three South London boroughs; Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.



We encourage and welcome adults who have lived experience to join our Peer Mentoring programme.



Every little drop helps us help vulnerable adults achieve outcomes that are meaningful to them.

“the greatest success was the integration of a ‘revolving door’ service user who has been able to gain a qualification, reduce his medication and obtain full-time employment”

Dr Steve Church, NHS Consultant Psychiatrist (Adult MHS)

About Us

Sporting Recovery is about supporting people to be independent. We believe people should have the support and opportunity to manage their mental health. Our Wellness Centres offer a welcoming, stigma-free environment where you can participate in team and individual sporting activities. A place where adults can reduce social isolation and become more socially active while obtaining nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Wellness Café

After enjoying some physical activity, we encourage participants to relax, take some refreshments and have a chat with someone. Our Wellness Coaches are on hand to offer nudges toward adopting healthy lifestyle choices

Wellness Clubs

You don’t have to win every game to improve your mental health. The physical boost you receive from exercise helps release endorphins in your brain, making you feel better emotionally. You may also sleep better at night, feeling more rested and alert the next day.

Wellness Programme

We are celebrating seven years of Well-being expertise in our Wellness Centres.

Whether you are experiencing distress or living with mental health challenges, getting involved in our sports and well-being activities is an opportunity to enjoy some physical activity and meet other people while improving your physical and mental health.

Get in touch with us

If you would like to attend and have no contact with your GP or a health professional, please contact us directly.

We value our reputation in providing not only excellence in exercise activities but creating an atmosphere of genuine caring and concern for your well-being.

What they don't say

There is a mountain of information available about mental health. It’s not unexpected that Doctors may not tell all.

Sports Assistant

We’d love you to join our team. Whatever you enjoy doing, and however much time you can commit, there’s a volunteer role.

Wellness Centres

A place where all people can have the support, encouragement and opportunities to manage their mental health. No commitment, just a chance to get fit and feel included.

Wellness Programme Lambeth

Summer Break

6th September 2022

  • Black Prince Trust Community Centre
  • Beaufoy Walk
  • Kennington, SE11 6AA
  • 1 pm Football Training
  • 1:30 pm Gym Club
  • 1:30 pm Non-Contact Boxing
  • 2 pm Basketball
  • 2:15 pm Tai Chi
  • 2 pm Wellness Café
  • This facility has indoor and outdoor playing surfaces, a Boxing Gym, Athletics Track, a Gym & Fitness Studio, an indoor Basketball court, Community Cafe and a Multi-Purpose training room.

Wellness Programme Southwark

Summer Break

7th September 2022

  • Damilola Taylor Community Centre
  • 1 East Surrey Grove
  • Peckham, SE15 6DR
  • 1 pm Badminton / Short Tennis
  • 1 pm Basketball / Table Tennis
  • 1:30 pm Football Training
    1:15 pm Gym Club
    1:15 pm Non-Contact Boxing
    1:30 pm Tai Chi
    2 pm Wellness Cafe
  • This facility has indoor and outdoor playing surfaces, a dance room, a large hall with Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Short Tennis, a fitness Gym and Wellness Café. The site has disabled access.

Wellness Programme Lewisham

Summer Break

8th September 2022

  • Ladywell Arena
  • Silvermere Road,
    Catford, SE6 4QX
  • 1 pm Gym Club
    1 pm Non-Contact Boxing
    1:30 pm Tai Chi
  • 2 pm  Tennis Coaching
    2 pm Wellness Cafe
  • This venue has indoor and outdoor playing surfaces,  Athletics Track, a Gym & Fitness Studio, outdoor tennis courts, an outdoor  Basketball court,  and a Wellness Cafe. The site has disabled access.

“This is the first time in years that I have enjoyed being with other people. It is hard when you are seen in a negative light all the time, but at Sporting Recovery, I can be myself. I’m treated with respect. I feel positive and full of energy – I love it” 

Client K

Our Impact

Listen to these personal stories and share in the positive difference Sporting Recovery makes to individuals who are often unseen and unheard, in the wider community.

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Floyd's Story

Samson's Story

Omar's Story

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